I. The Rare & Wonderful Gamay Grape

Ripe Gamay berries are plump, juicy, and friendly. Although cultivated primarily in Beaujolais, there are tiny, exceptionally limited plantings in Oregon where the grape is so perfectly suited as to consistently produce wines naturally low in alcohol, high in acidity, and unparalleled in freshness and purity of fruit.

II. Frederick the Original Color Collector

In his children's book, Frederick, Leo Lionni tells the story of a mouse. While all the other mice gather corn, nuts and wheat for winter, Frederick sits quietly staring at the meadow. He is gathering sun rays and colors and words. He is stocking up for the long, grey days of winter too. When food runs scarce for the mice in their hideout in the stones, it is ultimately Frederick's supplies that sustain them. This is the essence of wine. It is the intangible beauty of a season gathered and shared to enhance life's richness.

III. The Promise.

Color collecting is about noticing the abundance all around us. Isn't it mysterious that grapes naturally contain the perfect amount of sugar, acid, and tannin to make wine? I promise to honor this natural wonder. I promise to carefully and thoughtfully craft wines to exhibit both character and integrity.